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Weather Woes?

Weather woes? Perhaps, perhaps not. The current ice storm in the North Texas region has foisted some involuntary downtime upon most of us. Normally, we’d be running around from one obligation to the next. But since current road conditions practically guarantee any “running around” will be met with dire consequences, it’s a perfect opportunity to curl up with a good book—or perhaps more accurately, several small good books, all written by one Mack Wilberg, famed composer, conductor, arranger, and long-time Music Director of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, formerly known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and more colloquially as “America’s Choir”.

Snow/ice days present a perfect opportunity to read and practice some music. As we embark on studying the works programmed for our Carnegie Hall concert, one can’t help but notice the absolute mastery of Maestro Wilberg’s musical language. While all selections for the concert are from the sacred realm, they present an undeniable universal appeal. For any musician, part of the thrill of what we do comes from discovering new music, particularly when it’s instantly captivating. All the music we will perform in just under three weeks in New York City is truly beautiful. It runs the gamut from an unapologetic Irish jig, as in his “Bound for the Promised Land”, to the serene and otherworldly, as in his “My Song in the Night”. Then there are his towering version of “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”, one of the most recognizable Christian hymns one can think of, and his “Simple Gifts”, the Shaker song whose ubiquitous melody and message are inspiring and beloved the world over. These are just a few of the selections that make up our Carnegie Hall program.

As we avoid the treachery of the icy roads just outside our front doors from the warm comfort of our living rooms, we can’t think of lovelier or more poignant music in which to imbibe. It seems to go hand in hand with the excitement we’re now feeling as we fast approach our departure for New York City. To get to perfect this music in rehearsals there, and to present it in the grandeur and magnificence of the Isaac Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall will be an extraordinary experience for all. At the risk of making a panegyric of this humble blog, this will surely be a seminal moment in our individual musical lives.

What weather woes?


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